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Getting a Good IAQ Assessment

by Irvin Herman 27/07/2023

An IAQ assessment is the process of evaluating the indoor air quality of a building or a space. It involves measuring various parameters such as temperature, humidity, carbon

dioxide, volatile organic compounds, mold counts, particulate matter, and other pollutants that may affect the health and comfort of the occupants. The EPA (2014) stated that a proper IAQ assessment should follow a systematic approach that includes:

- Defining the objectives of the assessment

- Identifying potential sources and pathways of indoor air contaminants

- Selecting the appropriate sampling methods and equipment

- Conducting field measurements and observations

- Analyzing and interpreting the data

- Reporting the findings and recommendations

To determine if an IAQ assessment was done correctly, one should review the following aspects of the assessment):

- The qualifications and experience of the assessor.

- The clarity and completeness of the report and documentation.

- The adequacy and accuracy of the sampling plan and procedures.

- The validity and reliability of the measurement results.

- The consistency and logic of the data analysis and interpretation.

(Sourced from Teagan George (2022), the Center on Standards & Assessment Implementation (2018) and the Environmental Protection Agency)

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